October 4th 2022 Chapter Minutes

Minutes of Members Meeting #158 October 4, 2022

Our October AFSA Members Meeting at Four Points by Sheraton, Richmond VA was called to order by AFSA VA Chapter President Bob Beckwith at 10:00am.

AFSA members and guests present included:

Bob Beckwith – United Sprinkler
Hooper Loscomb—Eagle Fire
Tom Klecka – ACI
Craig Smith – Ferguson Fire
Jeff Lewis – VSC
George Wagner
Steve McGee – ACI
Chris Amorese – JCI
Pat Sigmon – eTec
Chris Lindsey – eTec
Mike Hayes – eTec
Dennis Wech – JCI
Ben Saunders – Siemen
Dave Macklin – FLSA
Josh Shapiro – Reliable
Tom Fields – Reliable
Roy Osborne – Fire Tech
Danny Santiago – Fire Tech
Scott Monroe – Zurn
Dave English – General Air
Jack Medovich – FLSA
Dominick Kasmauskas – AFSA National
Lauren Milliman – Ferguson
MaryCatherine Coyle – Eagle Fire
Anthony McDaniel – ACI
Woody Witczak – Victaulic
Danielle Fowler – Potter Electric
Chris Born – Clark Nexson
Louie Perkins – FLSA
Danny Genry – Service Trade
Jason Gill – Crews & Gregory Fire
Brian Welteroth – BJW Engineering
Joe Shaffer – AFS
Chad Waldridge – Core & Main
Chris Stone – VSC

Bob Beckwith, President, welcomed members and guests. And ask everyone to introduce themselves.

Treasurer’s report:
Craig Smith, Treasurer, reported that the AFSA Checking account held $24,098.18 and the AFSA Janney investment account held $50,555.14

Committee Reports:
1) Legislative:
Board of Contractors from Governor’s Office, they are trying to shore up and condense regulatory process for people to be license contractors in the stare of VA. Hooper is trying to obtain schedule to attend Work Group Meetings to have input. Hooper attended BOC meeting to find out they had a work group meeting the day before. During this BOC meeting they discuss bullet points from the work group meeting. They also discuss cleaning up the language and eligibility of licensing to help solve trade personal problems. From the Governor’s standpoint we have an issue getting folks in the work force and these are speed bumps causing that.
Hooper would like to discuss in the work group meeting the ability for pushing an agenda to have High Schools have a 2-year apprenticeship program or allowing such a program.
BOC address the National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) with three concerns on the table to revise. NORA is how they describe a trade and what goes into that trade. Hooper to get links to this Town Hall and the documents for the revised agenda and share with the board.

2) Membership:
Bob to follow up with Ramon Aguilar w/ ASAP Core who showed interest with joining our Chapter

3) Program:
This year’s seminar was another success, thanks Tom for your efforts. Next years seminar is tentatively scheduled for September 21st at the Chesterfield Training Facility. Tom is urging anyone to contact him for topic suggestions.

4) Public Relations:
Hooper advised of a sprinkler save in Roanoke VA at Cedars Lebanese Restaurant @ 10:00am. Fire crews arrived and quickly removed nearby businesses. Small fire was extinguished by the sprinkler system. Fire damages was estimated to be $13,000. No reported injuries. Fire was reported to be an electrical issue.

5) Social Media:
Bob introduced MaryCatherine Coyle w/ Eagle Fire as our new Social Media Committee Member. Welcome MaryCatherine we are excited to have you as part of our team.

6) Education/ Apprenticeship:
Jeff informs the Board of an Career Fair event (Life Ready Expo) October 18th at Hermitage High School. Chris Stone w/VSC and MaryCatherine Coyle w/ Eagle Fire to attend. Jeff is looking for one more representative to attend on behave of AFSA VA Chapter
Jeff reminds the Board of a Public Service project, a 5-year plan in Henrico Co. to remodel Regency Mall with students to perform as much as they can. Jeff is requesting suggestions for store front advertisement for AFSA. Sprinkler Age Magazine has published an article for this event.
Need to continue conversation on our career fair to get a jump start on next year.

7) Golf:
The next Burn Survivor Foundation Golf Tournament is scheduled for tomorrow at Williamsburg National Golf course. Expecting a playable but wet day.

8) NextGen:
Josh Shapiro and Katie Meehan are expecting a great turn out tonight at their NexGen Social at Wood & Iron Gameday Restaurant & Bar in Richmond from 4:00 – 7:00.

9) Community Projects:
The Hope House in Fredericksburg is on hold currently due to an unforeseen underground issue. The Director of the Hope House has another potential project in Fredericksburg a small two story 15 – 18 head new construction project the LoisAnn Hope House. Bob to provide more information as it becomes available.

10) Scholarship:
Jason Gill announces the winner of this year’s scholarship, Symone Jensen. Jason contacted Symone to present the 1st place check for $1,000. Symone’s essay was submitted to AFSA National with her information to be published in Sprinkler Age. Board Members voted unanimously for the Scholarship to continue for 2023 with the winner be presented with a $1,000.00 check.

Old and New Business
1) Bob Beckwith reminded members AFSA National in Dallas to start a National Apprenticeship Program in March 2023
2) Bob Beckwith mentioned how important AFSA membership is driving AHJ free membership. Our AHJ membership is outstanding.
3) Bob Beckwith informed everyone by attending AFSA meetings NICET points will be available at the conclusion of each meeting.
4) Final meeting date for the AFSA Board Meeting and Members Meeting is schedule 11/1 at O’Tooles In Richmond. AFSA Holiday Social will began immediately after the members meeting.
5) The AFSA Annual Conference is schedule for 10/16–10/19 at Las Vegas, Nevada.
6) Jason Gill announces the winner of this year’s scholarship, Symone Jensen. Jason contacted Symone to present the 1st place check for $1,000.
7) Potential Board and Members meeting dates for 2023 are 2/7, 4/4, 6/6, 10/3, and 11/7
8) Request for AFSA VA Chapter Members to provide potential new Board Members was sent out. Bob Beckwith, Jeff Lewis, and Jason Gill term will be up at the end of this year. Their names and potential request will be sent to the VA Chapter to vote on.

Member Meeting had two very informative speakers which created many questions during their presentation.

1) Program: Robby Dawson w/ NFPA, discuss changes in NFPA Regulations and consequences

2) Vendor: Dave English w/ General Air, discuss new products and proper usage of an air compressor

There being no further business the Members Meeting was adjourned at 2:55pm.

Respectfully submitted.

Steve McGee, Executive Director AFSA VA Chapter