October 10th, 2023 Chapter Minutes

Minutes of Members Meeting #163                                               October 10, 2023

The AFSA Members Meeting at Double Tree by Hilton, Williamsburg, VA was called to order by AFSA VA Chapter President Bob Beckwith at 1:00pm

AFSA members and guests present included:

Bob Beckwith – Cavalier Sprinkler

Hooper Loscomb—Eagle Fire

Tom Klecka – ACI

Craig Smith – Ferguson Fire

Jeff Lewis – VSC

Steve McGee – ACI

Chris Amorese – JCI

Jason Gill – Crews & Gregory Fire

Bruce Allen – Hajoca

Chris Pickford – Victaulic

Anthony Shultz – Eagle

Joe Saffer – America

Chad Waldridge – Core & Main

Josh Shapiro – Reliable

Danielle Fowler – Potter Electric

Krista Grimes – Viking

Mike Meehan – VSC

Chris Stone – ACI

MaryCatherine Coyle – Eagle

Scott Monroe – Zurn

Brian Welteroth – BJW Engineer

Woody Witczak – Victaulic

Shawn Walls – Hajoca

Angie Yuille – ACI

George Wagner

Tony Gore – Ferguson

Dave Macklin – Summit

Jack Medovich – Summit

Roy Orsborne – Fire Tech

Brandin Harris – Ferguson

Kevin Hall – AFSA National

Nick Armbrister – BFPE

Mike Beatty -BFPE

Randy Jones – Hajoca

Kenny Jones – Hajoca

Eric Pegram – Mosley Arch.


Bob Beckwith, President, welcomed members and guests. And ask everyone to introduce themselves. Bob introduces Kevin Hall w/AFSA National and Josh Shapiro w/Reliable as our speakers. Bob discusses how busy the next few days were going to be with the meetings, social events and the golf tournament. Bob wanted to thank everyone again that participated in the Regency Mall Project and gave a summary of the 215-sprinkler head renovation project.

Treasurer’s report:

Craig Smith, Treasurer, reported that the AFSA Checking account held $31,024.89 and the AFSA Janney investment account held $57,078.77.

Committee Report

  • Legislative:

Hooper reported how quiet it has been lately. Inspection certification renewal process is still waiting to be written into an actual requirement. Hooper requested a date to expect this to happen.

Bob asks if Hooper saw any movement and whether the VA State Board is trending to union or not. Hooper’s opinion, with the current legislative body union is not the way of the future.

  • Membership:

Bob wishes to thank the 22 West Virginia Fire Fighters for being our newest VA Chapter members. West VA. does not have a Chapter to represent them and was encouraged to join ours.

  • Program:

Tom wants to thank the 83 attendees for making his annual seminar a tremendous sell-out success. Our Board would like to thank Victaulic’s, Chris Pickford and Woody Witczak for sponsoring this seminar which included a catered lunch from Mission BBQ.

Finally, a special thanks to Captain Jerry Pruden for allowing our Chapter to utilize his facilities for this upcoming seminar and past seminars. Tom is getting with Captain Pruden to schedule our next event for 2024. Tom is also encouraging members to provide suggestions for next year’s topics.

Bob mentioned the seminar he has put together in Northern VA which is currently sold-out.

  • Public Relations:

Hooper reported the following Sprinkler Save:

A March fire at the Kappa Sigma fraternity has resulted in a significant restriction and one person facing a possible criminal charge. A pyrotechnic machine ignited packing

peanuts during a March 2023 party at the Kappa Sigma Fraternity which caused the dance floor to set ablaze. While no one was hurt, the fire was quickly suppressed by the house’s sprinkler system. The Inter-Fraternity Council President said the IFC took immediate action in the aftermath of the fire including holding several meetings to go over risk management strategies and protocols both with Kappa Sigma and other fraternity presidents and IFC Representatives.

Social Media Committee:

MaryCatherine continues to exceed above expectations. MaryCatherine updates the AFSA web site, Facebook & other social media outlets on a continuing basics which has shown and up-tick with engagements.

MaryCatherine continues working on the impressive wall art displays and TV displays for all to see at the Regency Mall project. All contractor members currently have information displayed through a QR code for anyone to research.

  • Education/Apprenticeship:

Jeff Lewis reported a lot is going on. The last event that AFSA participated in was the Life Ready Expo in Henrico Co. at Hermitage High School. Over 5,000 students and parents attended to look at career options. Jeff spent time with the VA Secretary of Labor discussing our efforts. Jeff & Hooper had a conversation with the ladies that run the apprenticeship program in VA. A meeting has been set to work towards getting the first 2 years of our apprenticeship book recognized in High Schools. AFSA National has given their blessings and will sign off on the program.

February 27th has been suggested to have our next AFSA Career Fair in Henrico Co. at Regency Mall.

April 18th, Reynolds Community College will be having their Career Fair which Jeff suggested AFSA turn out for this event.

Henrico Co students, through their current curriculum, build houses including plumbing, mechanical, and electrical. Henrico Co would like to include sprinkler systems installed by the students with our guidance. Further discussion to continue with this opportunity. Jeff continued to discuss other opportunities for the Board to consider.

Jeff and Steve scheduled our next Board & Members Meeting at Regency Mall February 13th, with the culinary class providing lunch.

  • Golf:

Jack reported the Social Events will be starting @ 3:00pm after our meeting, with wine & beer tasting and casino night following with our golf tournament the next day and the Jamestown trip as well. A date for next year’s golf tournament has not been determined at this time.

  • NexGen:

Our NexGen Event is scheduled at Top Golf November 7th which will run concurrent with our Holiday Social directly after our Members Meeting.

  • Community Projects:

Jason Gill provided a rap-up of the Regency Mall project. Again, mentioned with help of several sprinkler companies such as Checkmark Services, Crews & Gregory Fire, Cavalier Fire, Atlantic Constructors, Summit, VSC, and American Fire have stepped up to this task and have done themselves as well as their companies extremely proud. Special Kudos goes out to all the vendors; Victaulic, Hajoca, Ferguson, and Reliable, that provide materials and equipment to make this project a reality. Without their contributions none of this would have been possible. Jason also thanks Henrico Co. Schools for this opportunity.

Jason mentioned the program to assist Students in Henrico Co with installing sprinkler systems in houses they build being a great opportunity. Although, need to discuss how to minimize any legal concerns.

Going forward AFSA needs to continue to update the store front at Regency Mall since AFSA has been given an indefinite time frame to this venue.

  • Scholarship:

Jason Gill is gearing up for next year’s scholarship with notices going out the first quarter of next year.

Old and New Business

  1. Bob Beckwith mentioned how important AFSA membership is driving AHJ free membership. Our AHJ membership is outstanding.
  2. Potential future Board and Members meeting dates for 2024 are Feb 13th , April 2nd, June 4th, October 1st, November 5th.
  3. At the conclusion of each members meeting a certificate will be available for anyone requiring NICET point. Please identify your needs to obtain a certificate when you sign in or notify Steve McGee prior to the meeting to be available after the meeting.
  4. Bill Jones to provide dates for the BBQ Gives Back program for 2024.
  5. Tom Klecka to provide a date for next year’s seminar at Chesterfield Fire Facility
  6. Bob to provide a date for next year’s golf tournament.
  7. Bob provided a letter addressing IROL for review, now with other options being discussed.
  8. 2024 AFSA National Convention, Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center, Aurora, Colorado. September 18 – 24.
  9. Hooper Loscomb and Griff Brinkley terms expire at the end of this year, Board to discuss their options to continue.


Member Meeting had two very informative speakers which created many questions during their presentation.

  • Program: Kevin Hall: Kevin discusses seismic restraint, with details as to the means to determine when, where, and how to utilize this requirement.
  • Vendor: Josh Shapiro: Josh provided information concerning his company and new products

 There being no further business the Members Meeting was adjourned at 2:49pm

Respectfully submitted.

Steve McGee, Executive Director AFSA VA Chapter