November 1st 2022 Chapter Minutes

Minutes of Members Meeting #159 November 1, 2022

Our November AFSA Members Meeting at O’Toole’s in Richmond VA was called to order by AFSA VA Chapter President Bob Beckwith at 12:00pm.

AFSA members and guests present included:

Bob Beckwith – United Sprinkler
Hooper Loscomb—Eagle Fire
Tom Klecka – ACI
Craig Smith – Ferguson Fire
Jeff Lewis – VSC
George Wagner
Steve McGee – ACI
Chris Amorese – JCI
Pat Sigmon – eTec
Chris Lindsey – eTec
Mike Hayes – eTec
Dennis Wech – JCI
Dave Macklin – FLSA
Josh Shapiro – Reliable
Jack Medovich – FLSA
Michael Mazzucco – FLSA
Mohamed Sesay – FLSA
Scott Shaffner – FLSA
Tom Moore – FLSA
Lauren Milliman – Ferguson
MaryCatherine Coyle – Eagle Fire
Anthony McDaniel – ACI
Woody Witczak – Victaulic
Jason Gill – Crews & Gregory Fire
Brian Welteroth – BJW Engineering
Chris Stone – VSC
Lauren Milliman – Ferguson
MaryCatherine Coyle – Eagle
Eric Pegram – Mosley Arch
Karen Thomas – Hydro Tec
Matt Albee – Hydro Tec
Mark Wagner – Viking
Joseph Solomon – Core & Main
Bill Jones – Fire Pro
Hank Van Baron – Extinguish Fire
David Fleming – Extinguish Fire
Steve Tajer – ASC
Bruce Allen – Hajoca
Chris Pickford – Victualic

Bob Beckwith, President, welcomed members and guests. And ask everyone to introduce themselves. Bob introduces Jeff Lewis w/ VSC and Bill Jones w/Fire-Pro as our speakers.

Treasurer’s report:
Craig Smith, Treasurer, reported that the AFSA Checking account held $20,543.12 and the AFSA Janney investment account held $52,870.21.

Committee Reports:
1) Legislative:
Ed Rhodes attended the latest Board of Contractors resulting in no new regulations from last meeting. Hooper has requested twice to Marjorie to attend the committee meetings for the regulatory process, with no response.
Hooper would like to discuss in the work group meeting the ability for pushing an agenda to have High Schools have a 2-year apprenticeship program or allowing such a program.
BOC address the National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) with three concerns on the table to revise. NORA is how they describe a trade and what goes into that trade. Hooper to get links to this Town Hall and the documents for the revised agenda and share with the board.

2) Membership:
Bob introduced Eric Pegram w/ Mosley Arch a potential new member to our Chapter. Thank you to Mac Beaton and Beverly Cocke for becoming our newest VA Chapter members. Membership fees shall remain the same as 2022.

3) Program:
This year’s seminar is tentatively scheduled for September 21st at the Chesterfield Training Facility. MaryCatherine Coyle has sent out a questioner for your suggestion on any topics for this and any upcoming seminars. Also looking for interest to conduct a Hydraulic Design Class with AFSA National teaching the class. Need a minimum of eight to attend the class for National to get involved.

4) Public Relations:
Hooper reported that on October 10, 2022, from the Potomac local news the fire department was dispatched to the VA Foreign Supply Warehouse in Gainesville, VA. Due to intensity of the fire a second alarm was dispatched. The building sustained moderate damage, no injuries reported. The fire was expected to have started in the refrigeration area. Building Officials determined the building was unsafe to occupy. Fire marshal commented that the early notification and the sprinkler system keep the fire under control until the fire department arrived.

5) Social Media:
Bob introduced MaryCatherine Coyle w/ Eagle Fire as our new Social Media Committee Member. MaryCatherine will ensure the AFSA web site will update as well as Facebook and LinkedIn. MaryCatherine will introduce a questioner to request information from our members.

6) Education/ Apprenticeship:
Jeff continues to work with Henrico Co requesting the assistance of any sprinkler company to donate their time to help the school CAD operators design the modifications to the sprinkler system, as well as qualified field personal to assist the high school students make the modifications to the sprinkler system. A permit will be required for this project. There will be restriction as to what the high school students can and cannot perform.
Jeff informs the Board of a Career Fair event (Life Ready Expo) October 18th at Hermitage High School. Chris Stone w/VSC and MaryCatherie Coyle w/ Eagle Fire to attend. Jeff is looking for one more representative to attend on behave of AFSA VA Chapter
AFSA National will present their approved Apprenticeship Program in March. This program will be a 3-tier based on participation and payment.

7) Golf:
Jack Medovich reported that last year’s event was able to present the Burn Survivors and Fire Fighters $40,000 each. Golf meetings have already commenced to start the discussion of next year’s event which will be a two-day event celebrating our 30th year. Hooper will provide an article to Sprinkler Age & FPC announce plans for next year’s event which will include 320 golfers. George asks the Board to communicate to everyone of this event including general contractors, vendors, and Williamsburg National Members to participate. This year’s event is scheduled for October 10th at Williamsburg National.
George provided information on how to provide the two charities that AFSA VA Chapter support funds to maintain their activities through the Codicil to Will he has established.

8) NextGen:
Josh Shapiro reported that the latest NexGen event at Wood & Iron Gameday Restaurant was to huge success with higher-than-expected turnout. The next event is scheduled for October 10th in Williamsburg, location TBD.
Josh provided information from the Leadership Conference suggestions to improve membership and successful turnout at future events.

9) Community Projects:
The Hope House in Fredericksburg is on hold currently due to an unforeseen underground issue. The Regency Mall renovation is going full bore. Bob has asked for volunteers to assist with the sprinkler design. The sprinkler designers will assist with the school CAD operators with the layout and submittal process. A permit shall be required for this project.

10) Scholarship:
Board Members voted unanimously for the Scholarship to continue for 2023 with the winner be presented with a $1,000.00 check. Scholarship applications has been submitted to our members. Please contact Steve McGee if you have not received an application or know someone that could benefit from this opportunity

Old and New Business
1) Bob Beckwith mentioned how important AFSA membership is driving AHJ free membership. Our AHJ membership is outstanding.
2) Jason Gill announces the winner of this year’s scholarship, Symone Jensen.
3) Potential Board and Members meeting dates for 2023 are 2/7, 4/4, 6/6, 10/3, and 11/7
4) Request for AFSA VA Chapter Members to provide potential new Board Members was sent out. Bob Beckwith, Jeff Lewis, and Jason Gill term will be up at the end of this year. Their names and potential request will be sent to the VA Chapter to vote on. Results will be provided at our February Members Meeting
5) Board to discuss vendor sponsorship for future upcoming meetings.
6) Discuss having an ITM Class in March for inspections to maintain their points to keep their certification updated. Need to consider having a half day or all day or virtual class.
7) Results of a survey sent out to all our members to identify potential topics for upcoming seminars and meetings.
8) At the conclusion of each members meeting a certificate will be available for anyone requiring NICET point. Please identify your need to obtain a certificate when you sign in. These will be sent via. email within the following week.
9) The BBQ Gives-Back event will take place at Urbana, Virginia, March 24th – 26th.
10) AFSA 2023 National Convention will be at Hilton Bonnet Creek, Orlando Florida, September 5th – 9th. Be on the lookout for booking information in the upcoming months.

Our 50/50 drawing was conducted at the end of our meeting with the results of Michael Mazzucco w/FLSA winning $124.00 which he donated the entire amount to the Chapter.

Member Meeting had two very informative speakers which created many questions during their presentation.

1) Program: Jeff Lewis w/ VSC: to discuss Testing and inspecting Standpipes

2) Vendor: Bill Jones w/Fire-Pro: to discuss Testing Fire Pumps per NFPA-25

There being no further business the Members Meeting was adjourned at 3:57pm

Respectfully submitted.

Steve McGee, Executive Director AFSA VA Chapter