June 1st, 2021 Chapter Minutes

Minutes of Meeting #152                                                          June 1, 2021

Our first in-person meeting was called to order by President Bob Beckwith at 1:00PM

AFSA members and guests present included:
Bob Beckwith—United Sprinkler
Tom Klecka—FLSA
Jeff Lewis—VSC Fire & Security
Jason Gill—Crews and Gregory
Hooper Loscomb—Eagle Fire
Craig Smith—Ferguson Fire
Griff Brinkley – Old Dominion
George Wagner
Steve McGee—Executive Director
Dominick Kasmauskas—National AFSA
John Denhardt—National AFSA
Bob Caputo- National AFSA
Chris Born—Clark Nexsen
Chad Waldridge—Core and Main
Jack Medovich—FLSA
Matt Heidler—JCI-Grinnell
Katie Meehan—VSC Fire & Security
Chris Amorese – JCI
Scott Monroe – Zurn Industries
Mike Meehan – VSC
Ben Saunders – Siemens
Dennis Welsh – JCI
Ron Reynolds
Anthony McDaniel – Commercial Const.
Jake Lehmann – South Tek
Steve Kirby – JCI
Leo Valle – United Sprinkler
Jill Mott – United Sprinkler
Louie Perkins – FLSA
Joseph Solomon – Core & Main
Howard Clay – VSC
Charlie Farr – VSC
Steve Conti – Fire Sprk Services
William Bennett – Fire Sprk Services
Tommy Clements – VSC
Jon McLawhorn – JCI

Bob Beckwith, President, welcomed members and guests.

Treasurer’s report:

Craig Smith, Treasurer, reported that the AFSA Bank account held $22,388.10 and the Janney investment account held $59,457.41.           

Committee Reports:

  • Legislative:

Hooper Loscomb discuss building and fire officials performing type inspection and how the new Inspection License Certification in the state of VA would be applied to the fire officials which is not the case. Hopper is crafting a position letter to send to the fire official to help educate what the regulation pertains to. Hooper also mention getting the Board of Contractors to start policing the guidelines of the Contractors Licensing portion of the regulations.

  • Program:

Tom Klecka confirmed the seminar on NFPA #14 & #20 shall take place September 14th in Chesterfield. John Denhardt will be the speaker. Flyers to be sent out shortly. Cost to attend shall remain as last year.

  • Public Relations:

Hooper Loscomb advised the members on two recent Sprinkler Save. The 1st posted in the Roanoke Time as an apartment fire. Sprinklers kept the fire in check until the fire department arrived, there were no injuries. The 2nd also from the Roanoke Times of a Commercial structural fire sustained some damage. Fire department arrived extinguishing the fire, there were no injuries. Further investigation is ongoing. Hooper then asked the members to let him know of any future Sprinkler Saves.

  • Social Media:

Katie Meehan is working getting a Linkedin page set up specifically to our Chapter also want to start encouraging our members to promote our web site. Further discussion from the group on utilizing a couple of different mail services, growth, and recruitment. 

  • Apprenticeship & Education:

Bob Beckwith reported for Griff Brinkley as a reminder everyone if you have an Apprentice in the Program they need to take the National AFSA Apprenticeship Competition test by the end of June to qualify for the National Convention. AFSA National to be setting up a virtual training that Bob Caputo discuss. Jeff Lewis shared detail on Skills USA and how we need further investigation for participation.

  • Membership:

Bob Beckwith introduced (2) new members: Checkmark Services and Ron Reynolds, retired State Fire Marshal.

  • Education:

Jeff Lewis suggested getting in touch with Henrico County regarding their CET Program.  It was unanimous with the Board to contact Henrico County.  Jeff also mentioned the Industry is wanting NICET IV Instructors to go into Community Colleges and stressed more participation needs to be shown by NICET IV holders. 

  • Golf:

Jack Medovich advised that the Burn Survivors Golf Tournament on October 13, 2021 is a “GO” and that the registration forms have been sent out. Golf Tournament to take place at Williamsburg National on (2) courses.

  • Trade Show:

Craig Smith advised that no Trade Show was planned for 2021.

  • NextGen:

Bob Beckwith reported for Josh Shaprio the possibility of getting together after the Golf Tournament in October at Top Golf or a Brewery, etc. There is a $1,000 Grant for this so we are hoping for a large turn-out. Bob will get with Josh to get word out to NexGen regarding this evening event.   

  • Community Projects:

 Bob met Ron Reynolds at the Goochland Fire Station Number 5. There is a      possibility this could be a Community Project. They do not have an underground water supply. Looking for Ron Reynolds assistance in working out the underground situation. If this project goes through Bob will be looking for contributions from other Companies for design, fabrication, labor and materials. It was also noted fire alarms and monitoring shall be require and is not in our responsibility.

Old and New Business

  • ASFA National Convention, will be in San Antonio, Dallas September 18 – 21. Check out our web site for further information.
  • Bob Caputo shared with members he is submitting to the National Board in Dallas to start a National Apprenticeship Program as opposed to what is provided to today which is a National Apprenticeship Curriculum.
  • Bob Beckwith mentioned how important AFSA membership is driving AHJ free membership. Our AHJ membership is outstanding.
  • Bob Beckwith started the conversation that there is action from NFPA that could affect the sprinkler industry concerning language about water supplies.
  • Bob Beckwith informed everyone by attending AFSA meetings NICET points can be obtained.


  • Program: John Denhardt – National AFSA – Discuss NFPA-25
  • Vendor: Chad Waldridge – Core & Main – Discuss Company Opportunities                 

There being no further business the regular meeting was adjourned at 3:04 PM.

Respectfully submitted.

Steve McGee
Executive Director