June 6th, 2023 Chapter Minutes

Minutes of Members Meeting #162                                               June 6, 2023

The AFSA Members Meeting at Old Dominion Raceway in Thornburg, VA was called to order by AFSA VA Chapter President Bob Beckwith at 1:00pm

AFSA members and guests present included:

Bob Beckwith – Cavalier Sprinkler

Hooper Loscomb—Eagle Fire

Tom Klecka – ACI

Craig Smith – Ferguson Fire

Jeff Lewis – VSC

Griff Brinkley – Old Dominion

Steve McGee – ACI

Chris Amorese – JCI

Anthony McDaniel – ACI

Jason Gill – Crews & Gregory Fire

Bruce Allen – Hajoca

Chris Pickford – Victaulic

Roger Chesley – Checkmark

Anthony Shultz – Eagle

Joe Saffer – America

Chad Waldridge – Core & Main

Pat Sigmon – eTec

Chris Lindsey – eTec

Mike Hayes – eTec

Jimmy Morris – eTec

Josh Shapiro – Reliable

Danielle Fowler – Potter Electric

Terry Laffey – Viking

Krista Grimes – Viking

Louie Perkins – Summit

Mike Meehan – VSC

William Akers – Akers Fire

Jacob Akers- Akers Fire

Chris Stone – ACI

Mac Beton – Henrico Schools

Bev Cocke – Henrico Schools

Danny Santiago – Fire Tec

Cindy Wackerly – Fire Tec

MaryCatherine Coyle – Eagle

Brian Welteroth – BJW Engineer

Justin Barnett – Syska

Chris Born – Clark Nexsen

Woody Witczak – Victaulic

William Thrust – FFT

Bill Jones – Fire Pro

Chris Dilday – SPP

Shawn Walls – Hajoca

Andrew Westbrook – Hajoca


Bob Beckwith, President, welcomed members and guests. And ask everyone to introduce themselves. Bob introduces William Thrust w/Friedman, Framme, & Thrust: and Woody Witczak w/ Victaulic as our speakers.

Treasurer’s report:

Craig Smith, Treasurer, reported that the AFSA Checking account held $28,116.88 and the AFSA Janney investment account held $56,539.86.

Committee Report

  • Legislative:

Hooper attended the VA Dept. of Housing & Community Development Town Hall meeting where residential sprinkler was one of the topics, which the VA Chapter was not given a seat or voice during the hearing. Our Board needs to continue to fight to have our position heard.

A Bill was approved January 1st, that enacted Pay when Paid. Contractors need to be made aware of the requirement.

Hooper confirmed with Marjory King, new Executive Director of Board of Contractors, the new NFPA testing program, which is the equal to NICET for VA licensing, has been approved as of July 1st.

Take caution when submitting your work history for NICET. NICET is taking a hard stance when reviewing this information.

  • Membership:

Thank you to Justin Barnett and Daniel Kobb w/ Syska for being our newest VA Chapter members.

  • Program:

Tom reported that this year’s seminar is scheduled for September 21st at the Chesterfield Training Facility. There will be three scheduled topics: High Pile Storage, Water Storage Tanks, and ITM Testing and maintaining backflow

preventers. John Denhardt will be the guest speaker for all three events. As of this meeting there are 7 openings available. Our Board would like to thank Victaulic’s,

Chris Pickford, and Woody Witczak for sponsoring this seminar which will include a catered lunch from Mission BBQ.

Finally, a special thanks to Captain Jerry Pruden for allowing our Chapter to utilize his facilities for this upcoming seminar and past seminars.

  • Public Relations:

Hooper reported the following Sprinkler Save:

From the Roanoke Star on April 20th, a fire started in the glass studio at the Floyd Center for the Arts, damaging some of the buildings most functional spaces. The fire was quickly contained by the centers sprinkler system, which left behind water, char, and soot. The good news is that Floyd Center for the Arts is already back in business while cleanup efforts are ongoing which are expected to take several months. No art was damaged in the fire.

Social Media Committee:

MaryCatherine provided information that she has updated the AFSA web site which has a Facebook & LinkedIn button on top of the page to directly access the AFSA VA Chapter web site accounts. She has updated the site to include Members Meeting minutes from 2021 to current, calendar, and other social events.

MaryCatherine has been working on the impressive wall art displays and TV display for all to see at the Regency Mall project. All contractors will have their information available through a QR code for anyone to research.

  • Education/Apprenticeship:

Jeff Lewis reported that the Career Fair that was scheduled for April 27th at the Regency Mall Facility was a huge success. There were 11 contractors and vendors that provided displays with their information. All High Schools in Henrico Co. participated with approximately 200 students that attended. Next year we anticipate the Career Fair will be in February. Jeff made it clear that there is plenty of room for anyone to set up their company information to attract these high school students.

The VA Chapter was presented with the Henrico Co. School Business Honor Roll Award in which Jason Gill and Jeff Lewis accepted, for contributions and dedication from our chapter members for the Regency Mall Project.

  • Golf:

Bob provided information for our upcoming 30th anniversary Golf Tournament which will consist of a two-day event all taking place at the same facility. The tentative schedule is as follows: Board Meeting in the morning, lunch, Member meeting in the afternoon, follow by a Wine Tasting event, closing with Casino Night (no cash). On the second day, there will be a spouses’ event with a tour of Jamestown, while golf is ongoing. As of this meeting there are 13 available spots.

  • NexGen:

Josh Shapiro informed the group the NexGen Event will take place during November’s Holiday Social since the schedule for October is full due to the Two-Day Golf Experience.

  • Community Projects:

Jason Gill provided his perspective of this project and his sincere appreciation for everyone dedication for pushing this project over the finish line. With the help of several sprinkler companies such as Checkmark Services, Crews & Gregory Fire, Cavalier Fire, Atlantic Constructors, Summit, VSC, and American Fire have stepped up to this task and have done themselves as well as their companies extremely proud. Special Kudos goes out to all the vendors; Victaulic, Hajoca, Ferguson, and Reliable, that provide materials and equipment to make this project a reality. Without their contributions none of this would have been possible. Jason also thanks Henrico Co. Schools for this opportunity.

  • Scholarship:

The winner of this year’s Scholarship is Bailey Loscomb who is currently a senior at Hanover High School. Bailey was presented with a $1,000 from our Jason Gill for a job well done. Going forward keep a look out for this and other opportunities on social media.

Old and New Business

  • Bob Beckwith mentioned how important AFSA membership is driving AHJ free membership. Our AHJ membership is outstanding.
  • Jason Gill to announce the winner of this year’s scholarship.
  • Future Board and Members meeting dates for 2023 is 11/7
  • At the conclusion of each members meeting a certificate will be available for anyone requiring NICET point. Please identify your needs to obtain a certificate when you sign in or notify Steve McGee prior to the meeting to be available after the meeting.
  • Bill Jones to provide an update as to the results of the BBQ Gives Back event that took place March 24 – 26
  • AFSA 2023 National Convention will be at Hilton Bonnet Creek, Orlando Florida, September 5th – 9th. Be on the lookout for booking information in the upcoming months.
  • Our next Board and Members meeting will be at the DoubleTree by Hilton, Williamsburg, VA on October 10th starting at 10:00am

Our 50/50 drawing was conducted at the end of our meeting with the results of Joe Shaffer w/American Fire in the amount of $160 which he donated the entire amount to the Chapter.






Member Meeting had two very informative speakers which created many questions during their presentation.

  • Program: William Thrust w/ Friedman, Framme, & Thrust: Williams provided a discussion how to cope with remote employees and ways to prepare for future disasters, (hurricanes, blizzards, another pandemic)
  • Vendor: Woody Witczak w/ Victaulic: Woody provided information concerning his company and new products

 There being no further business the Members Meeting was adjourned at 2:46pm

Respectfully submitted.

Steve McGee, Executive Director AFSA VA Chapter