February 7th, 2023 Chapter Minutes

The AFSA Members Meeting at the Sheraton at Four Points in Richmond VA was called to order by AFSA VA Chapter President Bob Beckwith at 1:00pm

AFSA members and guests present included:

Bob Beckwith – Cavalier Sprinkler

Hooper Loscomb—Eagle Fire

Tom Klecka – ACI

Craig Smith – Ferguson Fire

Jeff Lewis – VSC

George Wagner

Steve McGee – ACI

Chris Amorese – JCI

Dennis Wech – JCI

Dave Macklin – Summit

Jack Medovich – Summit

Tom Moore – Summit

Lauren Milliman – Ferguson

MaryCatherine Coyle – Eagle Fire

Anthony McDaniel – ACI

Jason Gill – Crews & Gregory Fire

Brian Welteroth – BJW Engineering

Mark Wagner – Viking

Bruce Allen – Hajoca

Chris Pickford – Victualic

Chris Born – Clark Nexsen

Tony Knorr – VSC

Tommy Clements – VSC

Roger Chesley – Checkmark

Kyle Curran – General Air

Dominick Kasmauskas – AFSA National

Bev Cocke – Henrico Co

Mac Beaton – Henrico Co

Jeff Hern – Potter Romer

Lance Hall – Eagle

Kim Shivers – ACI

Roy Osborn – Fire Tech

Danny Santiago – Fire Tech

Griff Brinkley – Old Dominion Fire

Rick Williams – Summit

Shaw Hergenrather – Cornet

Chuck Hodges – Cavalier

De Woodfin – Summit

Chris Mahanes– Summit

Anthony Shultz – Eagle

Tony Gore – Ferguson

Steve Tajer – ASC

Justin Houser – VSC

Joe Saffer – America

Chad Woldridge – Core & Main


Bob Beckwith, President, welcomed members and guests. And ask everyone to introduce themselves. Bob introduces Kim Shivers w/ ACI and Mark Wagner w/ Viking as our speakers.

Treasurer’s report:

Craig Smith, Treasurer, reported that the AFSA Checking account held $28,489.53 and the AFSA Janney investment account held $54,821.00.

Committee Reports:

  • Legislative:

Ed Rhodes is tracking a few bills which only a couple affect us. HB1384 for DOR Department Insurance and apprenticeship to their licensing and certification requirements which none of it has anything to do with us however verbiage suggest they are trying to go pro-union which could affect us if it gets much traction, and we need to keep tabs on this issue. Procurement Act which is a bill introducing different methods and requirements on state funded projects and how to procure. Need to keep an eye on this as well SB859. Hooper joined the Legislative Committee for ABC to discuss legislative efforts and assist fire protection sprinkler issues. Discuss NFPA program for licensing and certification which is not approved. Hooper to contact Robby Dawson to get more information on this decision.

  • Membership:

Thank you to Eric Pegram w/Mosley Architect’s, Nick Armbrister w/ BFPE, and Lucas Lett and Clyde Cumming’s w/ W Virginia Fire Marshal for becoming our newest VA Chapter members.

  • Program:

This year’s seminar is scheduled for September 21st at the Chesterfield Training Facility. Discuss suggestion for topics for this event. Seminar will be divided into three programs; 1–4-hour program in the AM and 2-2-hour programs in the PM. Final topics shall be decided in our April Board meeting.

  • Public Relations:

Hooper reported that on January 10th at the Colony Village Apartments in Chesterfield, VA at 06:30am a fire was reported displacing about a dozen people from a 3rd floor fire. Fire fighters arrived with heavy smoke and fire coming from windows which was brought under control by 7:00pm. According to authorities the building sprinkler system put most of the fire out before units arrived. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined and remains under investigation.

  • Social Media:

MaryCatherine has update the AFSA web site as well as Facebook and LinkedIn. MaryCatherine has developed a Career Fair program discussing the apprenticeship and internship program identifying all companies’ logos. Requesting marketing materials for the career fair needed by mid-April.

  • Education/ Apprenticeship:

Bob, Jason, and Jeff continue to work with Henrico Co requesting the assistance of any sprinkler company to donate their time to help with the modifications to the sprinkler system. Jason Gill was commended for all his efforts with the design of the Regency Project with the assistance of ACI and VSC design team. Jason to submit for permit within the next few days. Field to commence once the permit is received. Need to address store front with ideas to advertise our industry. Jason mentioned the need to inform the younger generation of our profession through social media, i.e., Tick-Tok, Instagram etc.

  • Golf:

Hooper will provide an article to Sprinkler Age & FPC announce plans for this year’s event. This year’s event is scheduled for October 11th at Williamsburg National.

  • NextGen:

Josh Shapiro reported this year’s event is scheduled for October 10th in Williamsburg, location TBD.

  • Community Projects:

The Regency Mall renovation is going full bore. Bob has asked for volunteers from all sprinkler companies to assist with the modification for the sprinkler system. The sprinkler design has been completed with the assistance with ACI and VSC designers. Submittals have been sent the AHJ to obtain a permit. Modification to the sprinkler system to commence soon after obtaining the permit.

  • Scholarship:

Board Members voted unanimously for the Scholarship to continue for 2023 with the winner be presented with a $1,000.00 check. Scholarship applications has been submitted to our members. Please contact Steve McGee if you have not received an application or know someone that could benefit from this opportunity. The deadline to submit essays is the end of business April 30th.

Old and New Business

  • Bob Beckwith mentioned how important AFSA membership is driving AHJ free membership. Our AHJ membership is outstanding.
  • Jason Gill announces the winner of this year’s scholarship, Symone Jensen.
  • Future Board and Members meeting dates for 2023 are 6/6, 10/3, and 11/7
  • Bob Beckwith, Jason Gill, and Jeff Lewis were all unanimously voted to retain their positions on the VA Chapter Board
  • Board to discuss vendor sponsorship for future upcoming meetings.
  • At the conclusion of each members meeting a certificate will be available for anyone requiring NICET point. Please identify your need to obtain a certificate when you sign in. These will be sent via. email within the following week.
  • Bill Jones to provide an update as to the results of the BBQ Gives Back event that took place March 24 – 26
  • The AFSA 2023 National Convention will be at Hilton Bonnet Creek, Orlando, Florida, September 5th – 9th. Be on the lookout for booking information in the upcoming months.

Our 50/50 drawing was conducted at the end of our meeting with the results of Jason Gill w/ Crew & Gregory in the amount of $89.00 which he donated the entire amount to the Chapter.


Member Meeting had two very informative speakers which created many questions during their presentation.

  • Program: Kim Shivers w/ACI: to discuss complicity of safety on the work site
  • Vendor: Mark Wagner w/Viking: to discuss Viking products especially their foam product

 There being no further business the Members Meeting was adjourned at 2:57pm