February 2nd, 2021 Chapter Minutes

Minutes of Meeting #150                                                            February 2, 2021

The ZOOM meeting was called to order by President Bob Beckwith at 1:02 PM

AFSA members and guests present included:

Bob Beckwith—United Sprinkler
Tom Klecka—FLSA
Jeff Lewis—VSC Fire & Security
Jason Gill—Crews and Gregory
Hooper Loscomb—Eagle Fire
Griff Brinkley—Old Dominion Fire
Craig Smith—Ferguson Fire
George Wagner-Interim Executive Director
Steve McGee—Executive Director
Dominick Kasmauskas—National AFSA
John Denhardt—National AFSA
Kevin Hall—National AFSA
David Molnar–Victaulic
Mike Statis–Victaulic
Bob Caputo–AFSA
Joe Saffer—American Automatic
Joe Amberger—Cavalier Sprinkler
Chris Born—Clark Nexsen
Chad Waldridge—Core and Main
Shaw Herengrather—Cornet
Jeff Phifer—Crawford Sprinkler
Dave English—General Air
Ed Altizer
Edwin Caldas—Fire Solutions
Jack Medovich—FLSA
Dave Macklin—FLSA
Rick Williams–FLSA
Matt Heidler—JCI-Grinnell
Steve Kirby—JCI–Grinnell
Dennis Weck—JCI-Tyco
Danielle Fowler—Potter Electric
John Corliss—Roanoke Sprinkler
Dan DeDomic—Reliable Automatic Sprinkler
Jake Lehman–Southtek
Daniel Schneider—System Sensor
Andrew Milliken—Stafford County Fire Marshall’s Office
Chris Pickford—Victaulic
Chris Stason—Victaulic
Brian Waddell–Victaulic
Woody Witczak–Victaulic
Rob Sells—Viking Supply
Ashley Ruffhead—VSC Fire & Security
Bill Freebee—VSC Fire & Security
Katie Meehan—VSC Fire & Security
Tommy Clements—VSC Fire & Security
James Walter—VSC Fire & Security
RH Coglin
Suko Sulimon

Bob Beckwith, President, welcomed members and guests.

Treasurer’s report:

Craig Smith, Treasurer, reported that the AFSA Bank account held $27,776.69 and the Janney investment account held $54,691.82.

       Committee Reports:

  • Legislative:

Hooper Loscomb advised the members on the new Backflow regulations reducing the hour of training.

  • Program:

Tom Klecka advised the members that he was working on a full day Seminar in 2021 and that it now looked like this Seminar may be put off until August. This Seminar will be on NFPA #14 and NFPA #20.

  • Public Relations—Social Media:

Hooper Loscomb advised the member on two recent Sprinkler Save and asked the members to let him know of any future Sprinkler Saves.

  • Apprenticeship & Education:

Bob Beckwith reported for Griff Brinkley and reminded all members of the 2021 AFSA Convention and the AFSA Apprenticeship competition.

  • Membership:

Bob Beckwith reminded all members that 2021 dues were now due. Bob Beckwith advised that he will be working on recruitment of new members and asked for anyone to let him know of Companies to contact.

  • Education:

Jeff Lewis reported that he will be working on a program with High School students to get them interested in our Industry and they may be internships set up for the field and design.

  • Golf:

Jack Medovich advised that we are planning to hold the Burn Survivors Golf Tournament on October 13, 2021 and that the registration forms will be available soon.

  • Trade Show:

Craig Smith advised that no Trade Show was planned for 2021.

  • NextGen:

No report on NextGen.

  • Community Projects:

Bob Beckwith reported that we did not have a current Community Project, but several may be considered.

Old and New Business

  • Director Elections

Bob Beckwith advised the members that Hooper Loscomb and Griff Brinkley were-elected as Director for another three-year term.

  • New Executive Director

Bob Beckwith advised the members that Steve McGee had been hired for the Executive Director position and that he was now in training and would immediately take over the Chapter. Bob Beckwith asked all members to welcome Steve McGee.

  • National AFSA

Dominick Kasmauskas introduced himself and advised that he had been hired as the Eastern Regional Representative for National AFSA and that he would be working with the Chapters. He reminded folks to sign up for Sprinkler Age.


  • 15-Minute Vendor Presentation: Mike Stamets—Victaulic
  • REVIT/BIM—David Molinar–Victaulic

There being no further business the regular meeting was adjourned at 3:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted.
George M. Wagner
Interim Executive Director