At AFSA VA Chapter, we’re dedicated to not just providing fire protection, but also educating on fire safety for safer communities. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our upcoming home fire sprinkler project as part of our Next Gen initiative!

🏠 **The Project:** This summer, we’re teaming up with the Henrico CTE program and their Construction Trades Summer Program to install a state-of-the-art fire sprinkler system in a single family home. Our focus? Enhancing safety and protecting lives. This is an annual project with Henrico CTE and starting this year each home that the students construct will be provided with a home fire sprinkler system.

👩‍🔧 **Who’s Involved:** Led by experienced VA chapter members, this project will be executed by students in the Construction Trades Summer Program eager to learn and contribute to their community. Under expert supervision, they’ll gain hands-on experience while making a tangible difference.

🔧 **Why It Matters:** Residential fires can be devastating, but they’re also preventable. By installing fire sprinklers, we’re taking proactive steps to safeguard homes and families, ensuring peace of mind for generations to come. This is students learning a trade and building safer and more sustainable communities.

🌟 **Join Us:** Want to be part of this meaningful initiative? There’s a place for you in our Next Gen project. Reach out to Jeff Lewis to get involved!

Together, let’s build a safer, stronger future, one sprinkler at a time.