Interesting things are taking place at the Advanced Career Center at Virginia Randolph in Henrico County Virginia. The school is undergoing a major rennovation and upgrade. Part of that project will be changing out an old wood working lab to a working fire sprinkler lab complete with working risers, backflows and a wet flow lab area where fire sprinklers can be activated and their associated flows observed by students.

This is all part of a pilot program that will be available in Henrico County for the start of the school year in September. The program is to teach students some of the necessary skills that they will need to enter the fire protection career field.

The Virginia Chapter along with our manufacturer partners are excited to be able to provide equipment and technical support for this project. The plan is for the first year students to actually build out the lab space.

This is not the only cool project we are working on with the county so stay tuned for more.

Attached are the ‘before’ photographs of the lab space.

Thank you Mac Beaton for your continued support of our industry.

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