Our volunteers were hard at work wrapping up the remaining sprinkler head installation at the Regency Mall project. We are very happy to share that this project is now completed!!! This community service project has turned out to be one of the largest our Chapter has participated in so thank you to everyone who has contributed.

This community service project involves Chapter members working together with students from the CTE program’s CAD and tradesman program. The Chapter’s volunteers have provided design labor, permits, materials, and installation labor for this project. This project included a total of 215 heads. Additionally, New sprinklers were installed in the new ceilings using Victaulic’s new flex connections, which do not require calculations. ACI, Cavalier, Checkmark, Summit, Old Dominion, Crews & Gregory, and VSC all went out Monday to set the brackets in the tiles, install the tiles, and plate the heads. Summit returned Tuesday to begin connecting the flexes to the existing outlets and stayed through Friday. American Automatic came out Wednesday and stayed through the end of the week. Professional Fire had a crew come out over the weekend and wrap up the remaining heads, allowing what we thought was going to be a partial inspection turn out to be a completed rough-in inspection today thanks to their hard work.

Companies present last week include:

  • Atlantic Constructors Inc.
  • Old Dominion Fire Company
  • Checkmark Services
  • Cavalier Fire Protection
  • Crews & Gregory
  • VSC Fire Security
  • Summit Fire & Security
  • America Automatic Sprinkler
  • Professional Fire Protection

Board member Jason Gill (Crews and Gregory) has been spearheading the design and labor of the project. Additional support was provided by board members Bob Beckwith (Cavalier), Griffith Brinkley (Old Dominion), & Jeff Lewis (VSC- not pictured). Additionally, we had help from three (3) Advanced Career Education Center Students including Jayden in Red T-Shirt, Kesean in Orange T-Shirt, & Cole in Black T-Shirt. Shown instructing the students are Roger Shearin (retiree from VSC) and John Stanley (Checkmark).

We cannot thank everyone enough for the hard work put into this project that will tremendously benefit our industry by introducing our trade at the high school level. More updates to come so stay tuned!